care & Maintenance

  1. Wash the hair twice a week.
  2. To soak the hair with clear and warm water in 5 minutes, containing shampoo, knean gently to wash and rush to bubble, then use the conditioner care.
  3. After washing, absorb moisture gently with a dry wowel. To spread the hair to hang and drip dry or use the wig stand. Do not expose to the sun.To comb the hair after it’s completely dry.
  4. Human hair wigs could be retyled after washing.
  5. According to the need of hairstyles use grooming tools for hair volume for flowers or finalize the design.
  6. To comb the curly hair with hand would be better.
  7. When the human hair knot, please brush out the hair carefilly after sprayed delicated non-oily fuluid of maintenance. It’s normal phenomenon when wearing.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with this!

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